Compare Young Driver Insurance Quotes NI

We’ve not only worked with leading insurers to develop HM Armed Forces specific insurance for cars and motorcycles, but we’ve also worked hard to create a new Forces Insurance Young Driver Scheme. What matters is not finding the cheapest visit their website so that you’re legal to drive, it’s about finding the best price for the cover you need. Looks at over 125 insurance brands in one search and also highlights the level of cover you get for each premium, so that you can find the right policy at the lowest price possible. Remember to tick the ‘UK provisional’ option when you choose your licence type in the quotes process. This Bonus Miles score might help you to save money on your premium when it’s time to renew.

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Drive safely – This might seem obvious but driving safely during your first years as a young driver can reduce the cost of your insurance. For instance, The Pass Plus Scheme takes 6 hours to complete and is recognised by some of the insurers we work with who will consider you a better driver as a result and reward you with a better premium. This particular course is available for around 180 from any driving instructor and can reduce the cost of your insurance by 30 to 40%.

If this does happen it would most likely result in non-payment of the claim, rather than cancellation of your insurance or being reported for fraud, but could still end up costing you ?1,000s. You may also save on insurance if you’re in a stable relationship – for instance, living with a partner rather than listed as single. The cost of car insurance for under-25s is dropping fast but it’s still eye-watering for some.

When looking for cheapest young driver insurance, it pays to contact a specialised young driver insurance broker to get the best deal. But there has been a breakthrough for young drivers today and that is getting the young driver insurance smart box fitted to your car (more below). Provisional Marmalade’s learner driver insurance is a car insurance specifically designed for UK learner driver and aims to provide them with the security needed to get the practice that is vital to become a licensed driver. If it’s a small scrape you might manage to pay for the damage yourself to avoid going to the insurance company.

This cover provides up to 30,000 for you or your passengers in the event of death, loss of limbs, sight or hearing following an accident in your car or while getting into or out of it. Our Personal Accident Cover is provided by Ultimate Insurance Company Limited. If your car is written-off or stolen and not recovered, this cover will provide you with a car to use anywhere in the UK for up to 21 days. All named drivers on your policy aged between 18-79 (with a full UK licence) will be able to use this car and you will be covered for up to two claims per policy.