No Pain No Gain – Fitness Myth Or Ultimate Fitness Truth?

My name is Greg Ryan. I am a fitness expert, professional bodybuilder personal, trainer to movie stars, former employee of Kathy Smith and over 50, 000 hours of paid personal training sessions under my belt. For the last twenty years I have been able to continually make progress, stay consistent and have some fun in my quest to be in better shape.

Another option for getting enough protein is to get it naturally through foods such as lean beef, turkey, chicken, fish, eggs, and low-fat milk products. This is the least expensive way to go.

We support everyone as this is a free world. You have the opportunity if you have the want and will to change your body. You can change your body in any way you wish to your desire.

Without even being aware of it, that man had implanted a seed in me that has grown and lasted almost a lifetime. He introduced me to the world of bodybuilding. Anyone who is familiar with that sport know how much efforts are required to obtain some results. That in itself was a major lesson for me. It showed me that with efforts, patience and dedication, it is always possible to turn the impossible into the possible and the dream into reality.

But eating more also means eating right.Xtreme Antler will also help with its ingredients to remove unnecessary pounds. According to this study, there twelve certain types of food one should eat in order to get those six pack abs–beans, oatmeal, dairy, spinach, eggs, turkey, olive oil, peanut butter, extra protein powder, whole grain, and berries, and nuts. Of course, one also has to avoid certain types of food like honey, rice, jam, chocolate, margarine–the fattening foods. This, patterned with the right six pack abs exercise, will guarantee that one will get those six pack abs right away.

But performing a workout program on a consistent basis, building muscle and burning fat are not the most important reasons a dumbbell workout program is superior for total body transformation. After all, you could say that about any type of resistance and cardio training program.

Monosaccharide contains just one sugar and the best example here would be glucose which remember is the only form of sugar your body can use as fuel… disaccharide contain just two sugars and a good example here would be table sugar you use for tea and coffees.. Because table sugar is made of fructose and glucose.

Dorian is also one of the most intelligent bodybuilders around, and has a wicked sense of humor, albeit in a dry, Brit kind of way which I appreciate…

Now, there is a question that is constantly posed particularly by the novices. It’s all about knowing whether there is a ‘universal’ training program that delivers results for every Tom, Harry, and Dick. The answer is NO. Why is this so? It is simply because we have different individual body types that have different genetic make ups. As such what may work for me may not necessarily work for you. Everyone needs to find a clear cut line and balance in as far as determining the exact combination of what will work for their body type.

But at this point, I think pairing stiff-legged deadlifts with dumbbell lunges make more sense. And, I recommend twice a week. Your objective should be 3 to 4 sets with the repetition range between 12 to 15 reps.

Seeing ourselves as role models, without taking ourselves too seriously, can mean a huge difference in our behavior. It will alter the way that we present ourselves to others along with minor but important distinctions in what we say and do. For some, it may even mean a major makeover.