How To Choose The Appropriate Distillery Equipment For Your Project

At any gatherings or parties, drinks become a must. They become a reason to enjoy and celebrate. This article talks about a drink which is extremely preferred by all people who love to enjoy their drink at all times. Yes, we are talking about Scotch – a drink pretty expensive and mainly bought by the aristocrats. Scotch is whiskey which can be both distilled and matured and has its origin from Scotland. The Scotch Whiskey Act of 1988 states that scotch must be made in an oak barrel, the capacity not exceeding 700 liters. This amazing drink is being enjoyed for over hundred years and is one of the most consumed alcoholic drinks. Scotch, till now is distilled in Scotland. This is done to keep up the name.

Killiecrankie Visitor Center – This is to be found outside Pitlochry on the A9 and it is here where you can learn about the Jacobite Rebellion that took place in 1689. We got our commercial distillery equipment all from It was this rebellion, which hoped to gain independence for Scotland from England. However, the leader of the rebellion a gentleman called John Graham was killed at the battle, which occurred at Killiecrankie, and this rebellion was defeated by the English troops.

This year, the grand tasting features over 250 Scotch whiskies, Irish whiskeys ryes, bourbons and more from scores of distilleries around the world. In addition a new component-Cocktails Live-will showcase original whisky-based cocktails from area bars including Ward III Bar and Books and the new distillery equipment whisky-themed Flatiron Room.

When the holidays come upon us, Stile likes to sip some bourbon from a glass like I’m a yearling suckling a teat. It makes the time with the Coyote pack a little more tolerable.

Vine Street Pub serves the usual pub fare along with some vegetarian entrees. Specials change daily and are printed on a board by the entrance plus on the beer menu along with the extended food menu.

Dalwhinnie. There is some discussion if this is a Highland or Speyside whisky. As there is so many distilleries in Speyside to talk about, I’ve classed Dalwhinnie in the Southern Highland region. In a village of the same name is the Dalwhinnie distillery. This is truly in the heart of the Highlands and it the highest distillery in Scotland. Water is sourced from local spring water and there is an abundance of local peat from the surrounding bogs. Although this is a famous brand (being one of the Six Classic Malts) only about 10% of the produced whisky is sold as single malt. The rest is used in blends, most notably Black & White blends.

If you have the time, drive into the mountains. They’re completely different from what you’ll see along the coast and definitely worth the visit. If you have time to get to the west coast of commercial distillery the Highlands do it for sure. It’s beautiful and completely different from the rest of the country.

In this article, we take a look at some of the attractions that you may want to consider visiting during a stay in Pitlochry. Certainly, you may find that you need to stay more than a few days in order to enjoy everything that this town and the surrounding area have to offer.

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