Another quick analogy

Another quick analogy to drive this point home, there are so many of these marketing plumbers out there. What I mean is this. If you go to Joe the Plumber and say, “Joe, could you build me a house?” he’s going to say, “Sorry, I’m a plumber. You can get yourself an architect, and then a contractor to put up the frame, and then I’ll come give you the best plumbing.”
Joe the Plumber knows his place. He understands that he can help with a piece of the whole puzzle, but the marketing plumber — the so-called social media expert, or the SEO expert, or whatever, someone who’s an expert in a tactic — often thinks that they are the architect. Millions of small business entrepreneurs who just don’t know any better are falling for this, and it’s a real distraction. It’s also an opportunity for those of us who understand.
A couple of the nuances I mentioned already. First is people skip Steps 1-3, and therefore they just start off here, and then they just end up making noise. Another mistake people make at Step 4 is they try to do too many different tactics and they’re not focused.
Dan Kennedy says the worst number in business is one, and I’m not arguing with him, but I’ve seen an even worse number and that is none, zero. There are so many businesses that don’t have one. Theyjust don’t have one simple system that works. You need to have one tactic that you’ve got working for you, and once you get one thing working well for you, you’ll then have the insight that you need to take a second tactic and make it work well a lot faster.
Usually what I see is people with 5, 6, 7, 10 different things that they’re trying to do, and none of it is really working. They’re going in circles, they’re overworked and quite exhausted and frustrated. The real solution here is just follow these steps. All these tactics work sometimes and they all fail other times. It really depends what you put inside.
The action step here is to pick one method and get it noticed. Ellen, the life coach, took her offer for how to calmly take control after your teen drops a bombshell and wrote a little simple email. She sent it to a community email list and she just mentioned that she has this free report — it was a few paragraphs, I don’t remember what we said — and she got 44 replies within two days requesting it.
She emailed them back with the report attached, and a few days later she contacted those people saying, “Hey, you had that report. Any questions? If you think that it’s relevant, why don’t you take advantage? I’ve got a ‘Stop Walking on Eggshells’ consultation. Would you like that?”
That is a simple marketing and selling system. She has a tactic for getting in front of people, which is a community mailing list. Every now and then she’ll send out something offering a hand—raising free offer. People who are relevant will reply back asking for it. This is such asimple example, but I’m using it to illustrate the simplicity ofthis. It’ll apply in any business, but you really just want to get that picture.